I have created this site with a great amount of reluctance as it is not in my nature to point out people publicly for impropriety. In the beginning, I believed that the law, facts and justice mattered. What I have learned is that they do not, especially when the guilty are members of the legal system. I have done all I can within the legal system but to no avail. Indeed, my efforts have have resulted an increase in the number of people who have committed crimes and unethical actions due to people attempting to cover-up the crimes and actions of their colleagues. 

Perhaps the only way to remove corrupt public officials is through public pressure. This site attempts to do that just as public outrage led to the arrest of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd. 

We are just now starting to prosecute and convict police offers who commit crimes. Crimes committed by lawyers are more fundamental and even more dangerous to society than crimes committed by police officers because a corrupt legal system is what allows corrupt police officers to escape punishment. 

LegalReformMN.org was specifically created to call out the unethical actions and crimes committed by public officials during my ex-wife's divorce suit agaisnt me. There is little to nothing I can gain from doing so as the case itself is now closed. Indeed, there is some risk as those who commit crimes often commit more and worse crimes in an attempt to escape justice.  My only goal is to improve society so that what happened to me and my children is less likely to happen to others in the future. 

My divorce was incredibly ugly. It was surreal. I was amazed how many people acted unethically and willfully committed crimes, often openly so. I had no idea what a cesspool of crime and corruption our legal system is. I am not sure I would have even believed it before experiencing it for myself. If that seems unbelievable to you,  I ask that you look at the evidence

I am only publishing the names of the public officials for multiple reasons. In the case of my ex-wife, even though she committed fraud and perjury, there is simply little point in using her real name. She is an individual who did bad things and gained a lot of money in doing so but the case is over and realistically she will never be held accountable for her actions. 

In the case of her original lawyer, the one who I have absolute evidence committed fraud upon the court, there would be a benefit to society to have her held accountable but that isn't likely to happen and besides I suspect that I would immediately be sued for defamation which, despite truth being an absolute defense, could well succeed given how poorly the legal system works. 

To better understand the extend of the crimes and unethical actions committed agaisn me see the wrongdoers section.

I mentioned the George Floyd murder earlier and in many ways this site is a result of my thoughts and feelings related to the case and the persistent level of crime committed by public officials, including but not exclusively police officers, against blacks and others.

Derek Chauvin was convicted for murdering George Floyd for three reasons.
  1. The law. Murder is a crime no matter who you are.
  2. Evidence. Smartphone cameras provide hard evidence which is difficult to refute.
  3. Public outrage.
In my case, the law is clear and on my side, the evidence against several of the wrongdoers is clear, but I lack public outrage. I am under no illusion that this site will generate the needed outrage but it is at least a step in the right direction. On a personal level I have to try. I have evidence, high quality evidence. If I were to do nothing with that evidence, it would be a failure of duty. 

Many people, unfortunately, seem to view crime related to a divorce case as somehow less "criminal" than when it occurs in other areas. To those I say that crime is crime and those who commit crime in divorce matters are just as likely to commit crimes in other matters. Judges in Ramsey county rotate between courts and the county attorney's office mandate is not limited to family court.  

When crime becomes normalized in the legal system it has a huge impact on society. It undermines the very concept of rule of law and has the effect of increasing crime thought society like a metastasizing cancer. Why upon learning firsthand (or though a family member or friend) just how corrupt the legal system is should anyone obey the law? When the legal system itself is the source of so much crime, even the hope for justice is lost. 

Although I am a 60 something white guy I have a perhaps surprising amount of affinity with young black men. Young black men are often the victims of crime and injustices committed by police officers. I have been victim of crimes and injustices committed by lawyers. In both cases the people committing the crimes and injustices are able to do so because they are being protected by criminal corruption within the legal system. This is what needs to change. 

The bottom line is that John Choi, Richard Dusterhoft, William Leary III, and Mark Ireland have all consciously and clearly embraced crime. They have willfully ignored the law and principles of justice. They simply should not hold public office nor work in any position that allows them to further harm innocent people. 

I will briefly mention the gender issue as that seems to come up quite a bit. I am very much an equal rights person. I firmly believe that women should represent 50% of the members of Congress and legislatures, management positions in corporations, and members of boards of directors.  That they do not is a clear sign of persistent sexism in society. Likewise, and for the same reason, I believe that women should represent 50% of military and workplace deaths. I believe in equal pay for equal work as well as equal punishment for equal crimes. When it comes to alimony, 96% of the time men pay. That is sexism not just agaisnt men but also agaisnt women as it is a clear indication that society believes men need to take care of women because they are less capable. Even in cases like mine where the woman was not the primary parent (according to the court appointed custody evaluator) and could earn just as much money as me (according to the vocational evaluator) women often end up being awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in alimony. That is not equality under the law. Not even close. 

Interestingly, many of the early leaders of the women's' rights movement abhorred alimony because it treated women as child-like without the capacity to take care of themselves.   

It is without question that if you did nothing by swap genders in in my ex-wife's divorce of me, the divorce would have ended with a 50-50 split of marital assets with no crushing alimony payments and my being solely responsible for the children's welfare. 

Yet, sexism, at least in this case, is just a tool that was used by people to facilitate their criminal actions. It is my belief the motivation for the crimes and corruption in my case was money and power not sexism. This site is about exposing the criminal actions of public officials not their motivations. What people think is not criminal, actions that violate the law are.

On a final note I should mention that the creation of this site is but one of many efforts I have have undertaken and continue to take to leverage the bad that has happened to me to increase justice within our legal system and make the world a better place.  Even though none of these efforts may matter much in the end, one has to try.